Do Brand Name Vapes Worth The Price Tag?

In recent years, vaporizers have gained a great deal of popularity and, possibly due to this popularity, they have also increased dramatically in cost. The hundreds of dollars charged for a single vaporizer has made many people stop and wonder whether the device is worth the money being paid. What is so amazing about this little gadget to justify the price, and is the cost being increased as advanced technology and innovation are applied?

If you take a look at the premium herb vaporizers, you will discover a prominent rivalry on the market visit Reviews of current industry leaders in the manufacturing of vaporizers have found that that a vaping machine’s cost can be judged based on three significant criteria: the materials, the gadget’s functionality and features, and the vaporizer’s warranty. This article will discuss the criteria in more detail.

1. The External And Internal Vaporizer Materials

There is a plethora of cheap vaporizers available for purchase which is created using primarily silicone and plastic components. In these cases, you will get what you pay for with the herb and concentrate vaping liquids beginning to taste like it came from a stapler after a few uses. Conversely, when purchasing a premium top-of-the-line vaping device, the manufacturer will spare no expense. The more costly alternative may be a wallet-breaker, but it is advanced with premium materials being used for both the external and internal components.

External components in the higher quality alternatives will typically present with a variety of materials serving different purposes. For example, the DaVinci IQ or Pax 2 vaporizers utilize anodized aluminum for their exteriors providing a sleek finish that is cool to the touch. not only does this aluminum external material have an outstanding aesthetic appearance and feel, you do not need to concern yourself with the potential exposure to unsafe chemicals or melting due to inferior material quality. In fact, evidence has shown that anodized aluminum can withstand a top temperature of approximately 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

Davinci IQ Vaporizer
Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Another example of outstanding external materials can be seen in the Herbalizer desktop vaporizer. This vaping device is created using a high temperature resistant plastic material known as PEEK or polyetheretherketone. Evidence has shown that PEEK can withstand temperatures exceeding 445 degree Fahrenheit; therefore, you do not need to fear the vaporizer melting during use. Furthermore, the plastic does not run off gas. However, it is exceptionally expensive because of its unique external components and can be purchased in the range of $599.

The internal materials of a vaporizer are components used to produce a flavor from the concentrate or vaping liquid. One of the highest quality options currently available is the DaVinci IQ – a version of the DaVinci brand using zirconia ceramic in the vapor path. Zirconia ceramic is unique in that it presents with a high resistance factor and a low K factor or insulation element; thereby ensuring that the experience is a smooth one. Zirconia ceramic is not only used in this vaping device, but is also available in various other industries including the dental profession where it is used in dentures. It is a material that is approved by the FDA, so it is very safe to use.

While ceramic is a common internal material to be used, there are vaporizers that use alternative options for their heating components including stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. Stainless steel is a material that has a quick-heat feature, but it is also possible to lose heat quickly making it difficult to control temperature. Furthermore, the flavor associated with stainless steel is unpleasant. Brass has been associated with toxic chemicals; therefore, this is not a beneficial option. Taking this into account, it seems that ceramic is the most suitable when searching for optimum control and flavor.

2. The Gadget’s Functionality And Features

One of the most popular features of premium vaporizers is temperature control. Whether this is to craft a “high” or target particular cannabinoids as a medical treatment for certain conditions, the temperature control is a key capability provided by numerous vaporizer manufacturing brands.

The majority of the best portable vaporizers to enter the market offer a sophisticated chance for communication and engagement with the user using preset algorithms to customize the experience. Using mobile app integration increases the level of control for the vaper and the level of gadget sophistication. Unfortunately, it takes a great deal of work to create the correct algorithm for temperature control using research and resource development; therefore, cheaper vaporizers advertising this feature cannot ensure the precision of a higher-end option.

In 2012, the DaVinci Vaporizer was the first to offer the pocket-friendly vaporizer that was not only compact, but also offered temperature control using a precision digital interface. 2013 saw a vaporizer app being added to the devices by Crafty – and priced at over $350. Since these developments, various other high-end providers including Firefly, Pax, and Vapium have applied vaporizer apps to their devices in order to enhance the functionality and improve the experience.

3. The Vaporizer’s Warranty

One item that all companies should offer their consumers is the availability of a warranty with each product sale. This will ensure that the company will “back” the product. The value offered with high-vaporizers regarding the quality materials, contemporary features and precision functionality is near priceless; however, it can be considered worthless if there is little chance of the vaporizer remaining in this state. A cheaper knock-off with no device warranty offers little confidence.

While a mid-range vaporizer does offer a one-year to two-year warranty, there is virtually no support and this is worthless to many consumers. A high quality brand, however, will invest time and effort to ensure that the consumer has adequate support when required with a long lasting warranty.

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Final Words On The Matter

In conclusion, when choosing a premium vaping device it comes down to these three criteria: features and functionality, materials, and the warranty. Upon review, it can be seen that brand vaporizers not only spend money on the materials, features and support but also on the value for their customers – so it may be worth the price.

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