The Fear Project A new book exploring life's most primal emotion


Reviews, Interviews, and Articles About The Fear Project

Q&A with Forbes

Outside Magazine

The San Francisco Chronicle

Wall Street Journal

CBS Bay Area

NBC Morning Show: New Day Seattle

AM Northwest: Portland Morning Show

Kathleen Dunn Show — Wisconsin Public Radio

Think — Dallas Public Radio

CBS Morning Show

NPR’s Insight

Shrinkrap Radio

The Huffington Post

The New Man Podcast

Monterey County Weekly

All Sides with Anne Fisher — NPR

Hawaii Public Radio

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Kirkus Reviews

Fear Project Articles By Jaimal Yogis

The Science of Choking: ESPN Magazine

The Year of Fear: The Daily Beast

Baby Steps: the best way to overcome your greatest fears: Lifehacker

Don’t Let the Fear of Failure Limit Your Genius: Huffington Post

Jaimal Yogis in Other News

NPR Interview

San Francisco Chronicle Profile

The Adventure Sports Journal Profile

If you’d like to interview Jaimal or check out a press copy of The Fear Project, please contact Aly Mostel aly.mostel[at]

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