12 Best Apps for College Students 2019 for Social, Protection, and Education

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12 Best Apps for College Students 2019 for Social, Protection, and Education – There are some of the best apps for college students 2019, designed to help them arrange their busy schedules as well as managing their lives a tad better. When you were a student, you knew how complicated and busy you can be. The pressure to manage your social life along with your academic activities is too big – sometimes to the point of overwhelming. And now, the pressure is only getting bigger and stronger, with the electronic devices and your smartphones that will stay with you most of the times. If you have been in colleges, you know that some of these apps are pretty important because they help with your life arrangements.

Best Apps for College Students 2019

There are some things to consider when you want to choose the best apps for college students 2019 for your needs. Do you want the paid apps or the free ones? Do you want apps that can be used in major platforms and operating system, or do you want apps for a certain device only – such as one of the handiest educational apps for students Android? Do you want apps that can do it all or only apps for social only or education only? With myriads of apps out there, it is so easy to get lost in the decision making process. Make sure that you choose the right app with the right features. Also make sure that your device is able to support it.

Best Apps for College Students 2018 for Social, Protection, and Education
Best Apps for College Students 2019 for Social, Protection, and Education

Don’t forget that some of the best apps for college students 2019 are truly designed to help you manage a better life, in terms of balancing work and also social activities. Each app has its own functions and use – so be sure to choose which one you want to keep for your social circle and which one for your academic activities.

useful apps for college students

Here are some of the handy and useful apps for college students:

  • Any Do

Any Do. It is basically an activity planner with its popular to do list. With tons of new activities and new life, it would be easy to forget a thing or not. But this to do list won’t let you forgetting things easily. Simply make use of the build-in to do list, tick them whenever you are done, and voila! You are constantly reminded of the things you should do. This is one popular app among students because of the handy features. It can be activated with a voice control, for a starter, and then you can synchronize it with other devices. By leaving hints and reminders everywhere, you should remember your tasks. If you want to, you can add the widget to the main menu to provide easy (and also fast access).

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  • Dropbox

Dropbox. Let’s face it, cloud system has totally changed the way we store our documents, especially the important ones. Dropbox is definitely one of the best apps for college students 2019 that should be within your must-have apps. Not only this cloud system will help you with better documents management, it will also ensure the safety of them. Feel free to store any pdf files, videos, photos, images, or other important written documents. And enjoy the easy access to reach them from any device you want. If you want to, you can also share it with other people you trust. In case you don’t need the documents anymore, simply erase them and you are good to go. Super easy and efficient.

  • Circle of 6

Circle of 6. It is basically a safety app that you can have with you whenever you are going alone and you aren’t really sure about the safety of your surroundings. This is one of the best apps for college students 2018 that everyone should have. The idea is to connect you to the other 6 trusted contacts – not only telling them where you are but also asking them to help you. Let’s say that you have spent a long time in the campus’ library and the dark road worries you. Use the feature come and then get me where you can share the GPS location with those 6 contacts of yours, so they can come and pick you up. Never underestimate this app because you never know when you are going to need it. This app also allows you to stay connected to police, ambulance, or other emergency numbers. No wonder if this app is considered as one of the best apps for university students

Best Apps for Students

There are some of the best apps for students, whether it is for education or social life.

  • Mathway

Mathway. Are you a student of math department? Do you need instant access to different kinds of math formulas and theories? Do you need to be constantly reminded of the diagrams? This would be the perfect app for you.

  • Babylon

Babylon. You will never know whenever you encounter a written text in a foreign language or a foreign tourist trying to communicate with you. With this app, you no longer have to worry that you may be lost in translation. There are 1500 glossaries with 75 different languages. Who knows? Maybe having this app will encourage you to learn other languages.

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  • Skype

Skype. One of the best college social apps is Skype. Most people think that it is good for communication, but do you know that you can also study with it? It is a pretty flexible app. You can use it for studying or for social matter.

  • iStudiez Lite

iStudiez Lite. If you want to have a better organization of your time – managing the exam schedules, assignments, courses, and others, this app will do the work perfectly. Even with the Lite version, you can manage 5 different courses, where you should be able to handle 15 exams or classes for one course. You can also set the alarm. If you don’t mind paying, $3 will give you more access to iStudiez Pro.

There are basically other best apps for school that can be useful for college students. You only need to browse around to find the perfect and the best apps for college students 2018 that suits your requirements.

12 Best Apps for College Students 2019 for Social, Protection, and Education
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