7 Easy Ways To Block Cryptocurrency Mining In Your Web Browser 2019

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7 Easy Ways To Block Cryptocurrency Mining In Your Web Browser 2019 – Do you know that there are ways to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser? You may think that your activity to surf the net will mean you no harm. But some of these shady website owners will make use of your CPU to mine cryptocurrency. It means that they make use of your system for their own profitable advantage. To understand the whole system and how to prevent such thing from happening, you need to get the basic knowledge and insight about the entire system.

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The Problems with Crypto Mining

The Problems with Crypto Mining
The Problems with Crypto Mining

Cryptocurrency has become a new trend these days.  A lot of people turn to this digital money, which is believed to be more effective and efficient in the overall management. Because it uses decentralized system, it can’t be tracked or monitored by the government – which is considered convenient for some people, especially to those who don’t want to deal with common transfer mechanism or government monitoring.

Bitcoin mining uses too much energy

There are different ways to get the cryptocurrency – one of them is through mining. However, this mining activity will take toll on your system. Provided that you mine the coins by yourself, you will have to deal with full CPU usage (which means that it can slow down your computer or device), higher bills for the electricity, and even significant reduction of the battery life. These are some of the general reasons why people want to find ways to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser.

The miners are definitely getting a new way to mine the coins without using their own resources. With a certain script code, they can target innocent internet users who won’t suspect a thing. Without addressing too much on the details, this script code is basically activated when you visit a website, so the miners can use your system as their resources to mine the digital money.

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The first case was spotted with the Pirate Bay, who completely confessed about them using the mining tool to keep their website up and running. It somehow (and unfortunately) inspired other websites, sparking the basic debate about such ethical implementation. This has also led to some internet users coming up with a plan to block CoinHive script or Monero cryptocurrency use. Just because you have closed the browser’s tab, it doesn’t mean that you are completely safe. Some of the mining tool will stay active even after you have closed the browser. That’s why knowing ways to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser would be helpful and handy.

How to Find Out if My PC is Secretly Mining Cryptocurrency?

How to Find the Issue
How to Find the Issue

Before using any cryptocurrency block extension or other tools, you want to make sure that your system is safe and clean. Spotting whether your computer has been secretly being used to mine the digital money should be a no brainer.

First of all, you need to be aware that such mining malware does exist. Not only you should be extra careful about the existence of ransomware, you should also be aware of the mining malware. In most cases, users can check their CPU usage. If you check a significant increase of the usage after visiting a certain website, then it is most likely that your system has been used to mine the digital money. If you are quite familiar with the computer system, you can always use a checking tool that would spot on the issue.

The Debate over the Mining Activities

The Debate over the Mining Activities
The Debate over the Mining Activities

This issue can caused some of the developers in web browser system to stop the mining activity. For instance, Chrome has tried to find a way to block Bitcoin mining Chrome. Instead of keeping a blacklist miners, the development team is trying to add a certain permission that will prevent the websites from using your system without your knowledge or permission. Adblockers may seem like an ideal solution but it isn’t the perfect solution. You see, websites run on ads and when you block the ads, the websites will be encouraged to use crypto mining tools against the adblock. Some of these web developers have come up with their own blockers, such as miner block Firefox or such tool alike, but nothing has been proven to be the best or 100% effective. The best preventive way is to constantly checking your CPU usage and then activates the blocker.

How To Block Cryptocurrency Mining In Your Browser

So, there are real and actual ways to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser. One of them is to use the antimalware program. However, such antimalware program can’t activate automatically on its own. You need to activate the system first. Some of the programs are able to block the mining activity but you need to check. If you choose Malwarebytes (the Premium one, mind you), you can automatically block the mining tool for every website that you visit. It is convenient and you get the effective use of the paid service.

If you have Defender Windows antivirus program, unfortunately, it won’t block Coinhive or other tools. You need to check whether it provides the technology and whether you need to activate it or not.

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The second alternative is to use the Nocoin (cryptocurrency mining protection). You need to install the browser extension that will block the mining activity automatically. The cool thing about this system is that it is regularly updated with continuously new scripts. However, installing the browser extension isn’t exactly the best solution. Often times, such good and reliable extension will go bad, turning to adware. But in this case, you don’t really have the options.

The Nocoin extension is an open source app available for Firefox (download), Opera (download), and Chrome (download), but it won’t be available for Safari, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge. In the event that you use these other browsers, you will have to use other antimalware programs or you need to find other ways to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser.

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Other possible solutions within the ways to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser is to edit the host files so you can redirect and also prevent websites from activated and loading to the script. Keep in mind, though, that this system isn’t automatic one, so you need to update everything by yourself – which can be a hassle if you are pretty busy. In the end, you have several solutions of ways to block cryptocurrency mining in your web browser.

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