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Facebook Auto Like 2019 (Free Facebook Auto Liker Online Without Access Token) – Facebook is the platform of the social media which originally came from America. Based on California, this social media networking was initially created in the scope of the same college that the founder was studying before later it was expanded and finally recognized internationally. Facebook is valued and considered as the most famous, well known, and also highest money earning application.

Facebook Auto Like for Self Appraisal
Facebook Auto Like for Self Appraisal

This application can be installed in a wide range of devices as long as there is a good connection of internet. In Facebook, you have a profile which displays everything about you started from the full name, date of birth, hobbies, educational background, occupations, and many more. They can make friends, post status update, send messages, share photos and videos, share links, and also build your own circle.

Here your own circle means that you can list your family members, best friends, siblings, and many more. This list will appear on your profile so that everyone who wants to see your profile can see it on the left side of the profile under the profile picture.

The Benefits of Having Facebook Account

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Facebook is a platform where you can do a lot of things only by using the presence of the internet connection. Some people say that having Facebook has no benefits apart from posting things and do stalking. However, here are some benefits of having an account of Facebook.

  • Draw people closer

People can send messages or posts for those who might live in different countries. The presence of Facebook makes everything that is far looks and feels much closer. Then distance would never be matters to you anymore. You can see what your friends have been up to these days.

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  • Spread happiness and positivity

Having a Facebook account means that you can share your happiness to your Facebook account and further this can spread the positivity too. For example when someone has been suffering from cancer, she or he would share his or her journey to survive from the illness from step by step. It can be a good way for those people who have just been diagnosed with the illness to overcome the disease for preventing it to get worse.

  • Make new friends

Okay maybe it sounds so common to say this. In fact, Facebook lets people all around the world to know each other much more easily. People would be able to get more friends without any significant requirements.

What is Facebook Auto Like?

In Facebook, people are able to post photos or videos or even status updates. These photos, videos, and also status updates can be liked by the people whom you have accepted them to be your friends. These friends can see your profile, read your status updates, and also like your share or posts. These likes will be accumulated and counted. Thus under your share there would be the number of likes that you have obtained and earned. These likes will always be there for the rest of the time unless you have decided to delete the post then the likes would be unavailable.

What is Facebook Auto Like?
What is Facebook Auto Like?

Liker App for Facebook 2018

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People usually consider the number of likes as the reward or the recognition that people give to you. You could also like the post although you don’t really like the person or you don’t really feel close to the person who does the post. The person who gets the like would be able to see his or her post and see about the people’s interest about your post. In fact, there is something that people call it as the Facebook auto like. As it may sound to you, this is a liker app for Facebook that people can download and then install. This application works well for your account Facebook by raising the number of likes for your posts.

How to Use Facebook Auto Like 2019

This auto like Facebook application can be used for whoever needs the service of the automatic likers. Here the writer is going to take an example of the application of Facebook auto like named PubiwayLiker. Before doing the step by step tutorial of using the auto liker, you need to set up your account to be the public setting posts. It will enable the application to give like to you without any blockages. After settingup the posts to be public, you can follow these steps.

  • Login to PubiwayLiker and Clock Take Access Token

You can directly go to the sites and login into your Facebook account. It can be done by clicking the orange button of Take Access Token in the color of orange. Then you have to fill both the username and the password. Then finish it by clicking the take token.

  • Copy paste the entire code

The token given to you will be in all code. This code has to be copied entirely without missing a single word or alphabet or even numeric. After that you have to paste all the code and then click the button of Login PubiwayLiker. For your information, when you are accessing the Facebook via Android, it would be much better and less complicated to download the version of PubiwayLiker via Android. There you don’t need to do the copy and paste the code.

  • Finish and agree

After finishing all the requirements needed, you have to clock the button of Agree and Use PubiwayLiker to be able to continue the app to work well. Finally, you need to rewrite the captcha correctly and click the button of Login Autolike. When you have been successfully logged in, you will be able to see the Home screen that your profile will be there as well. You will see the information of your account and also how many submit have you done today and also the total submit you have been doing until now by using PubiwayLiker. This application of Facebook auto likes is very easy to use, right?

  • Choose Type of FB Auto Like

In Facebook liker, you will need to choose whether you want to have the default autolike, special Indo autolike, special Thai autolike, special Bangladesh autolike, and also special female autolike. As you must have known that the default autolike means that the likes will be from the worldwide users.

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Special Indo, special Thai, and special Bangladesh autolike mean that the users who will like your posts will come from Indonesia, Thailand, and also Bangladesh. Meanwhile, the special female means that the one and only gender that will tap the like for your posts come from the female.

  • Choose the Sub Menu

The sub menu available for the people to choose for getting likes consists of status, album, photos, pages, and also custom. Under the column of sub menu, you will notice that there is a button of submit. When the button submit has shown the word ready, it means that you will definitely do the likes right now but when the status is still counting down less than 14 minutes, then you have to wait.

  • Fill The Number of Likes And Submit

How many likes you want to get for a photo? You need to click the number that is available for you to choose. The number will be doubled in every 50. When you have clicked the number, you can just click submit. Finally you can enjoy your Facebook account gets so many likes.

Fill the number of likes and submit
Fill the number of likes and submit

For your information, when you break the law of this application, you will be blocked and you will be unable to use this application anymore. In a day, people are given 10 times chances to get likes.

Working AutoLiker Sites List

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      • http://www.official-liker.net/

      • http://djliker.com/

      • http://www.hubliker.com/

      • http://myliker.com/

      • http://4liker.com/

      • http://www.mg-likers.com/

      • http://fbautotools.com/

      • http://www.postsliker.com/

      • http://www.machineliker.com/

      • https://likeeer.com/

      • https://wefbee.com/autoliker

      • http://www.hublaa-autoliker.com/

      • http://www.fb-autoliker.in/

      • http://www.ulikeaboss.net/

      • http://www.vnlike.co/

      • http://likerty.com/

      • https://autolike.biz/


The Danger of Using Facebook Auto Likes

Using a Facebook auto likes is apparently something fine to do. It doesn’t harm anybody, it doesn’t hurt anybody, and more importantly it doesn’t spend a single penny. Here are many things that you need to alarm yourself way before using it.

  • Chance of being hacked

By agreeing to the terms and conditions during the login process, it can be considered that you give the username and the password of your account unintentionally to the admin of the sites. When you want to think positively, maybe they will hack for getting more likes for giving the chance to others. In fact, when the term of hack is being used, it never means in positive way. You will share the nudity and your account can further be banned. Thus when it happens, you will risk your account in the future.

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  • Get banned from the Facebook

Facebook might only be an application. In fact, it will track all the lines that work out of the order. It won’t be that hard to figure out that your account has been linked to the Facebook auto likes to gain more likes and attention. It would be a kind of useless and also wasting time when you gain more likes to be called as the popular guy but in the end of the story, you will lose your account due your account has been banned by the official Facebook.


As a matter of fact, having likes might build your confidence and attention. In fact, when you do it in the wrong way such as using the facebook auto like 2018, you will have the risk of losing your Facebook account.

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