The Country List Regarding Free Visa for Indonesian Passport 2019

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The Country List Regarding Free Visa for Indonesian Passport 2019 – In a modern era like today, all the things that we need are increasingly facilitated. Starting from social life, entertainment, even transportation is getting cheaper and more comfortable every time. In the 21st century, traveling anywhere in the world is easy, thanks to the airplane, ships, and other transportation means. However, there are some things that can reduce the ease of your trip. The most worrying is the Visa problem. Visa is a company that provides a medium to perform the global transaction.

The Country List Regarding Free Visa for Indonesian Passport 2018
The Country List Regarding Free Visa for Indonesian Passport 2019

This is very useful if you are traveling abroad, or plan to buy and sell between countries. In recent years, Visa has begun working with major banks across the world, making it easier for you to become a Visa bank customer. In Indonesia itself, not all banks can get a network of cooperation with Visa. Well, only a few large banks with high reputations can work with them to make free visa for Indonesian passport 2019.

Moreover, for people who do not have access to international banks, visa requirements for Indonesian citizens might be the big problem. Yes, this is likely to be worst by the destination countries’ regulation which happens to require visitors to have a Visa. To respond to these problems, the government of Indonesia Republic per February 2018 released the free visa for Indonesian passport 2018. This notion is the result of Indonesia’s cooperation with various countries, so it eases the access to visit such country.

Free Visa for Indonesian Passport 2019

The Countries that Granted Free Visa Indonesia 2018
The Countries that Granted Free Visa Indonesia 2018

For your information, if you look from a broad perspective, Visa can facilitate your overseas travel. It can act as a bridge to manifest your desires abroad. However lately, many countries are beginning to tighten their visa policy of Indonesia. This is caused by various factors, such as fraud, world crime, or just mere strict and selective access. The following countries will be categorized under the strictness level of visa agreements, ranged from not required, eVisa, Visa on Arrival, and the visa required.

  • Not required

Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Fiji, and Haiti are some countries that free Indonesians to come without Visa. Well, to do some transaction, of course you still need the country’s currency money. That’s why you have to manually converting your money into their currency. Well, the list is filled by countries that have good relations with Indonesia. The range of free visa for Indonesian passport 2018 can vary, depending on the country.

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The longest record held by Peru with 183 days-full without extension, while in second position there is Colombia with 180 days-contains 90 days of free visa for Indonesian passport 2018, but it can be extended to 180 days. The rest is normal, ranging from 14-30 days.

  • eVisa

India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Zimbabwe are among the many countries that accept eVisa from Indonesian people. eVisa is an electronic visa. It takes the form of PDF to facilitate the distribution and storage. You can register eVisa at

The longest stay using eVisa is 90 days in Moldova, while the rest is between 14-45 days. Especially for Angola, the eVisa that you show will be exchanged for free visa for Indonesian passport 2018 on arrival, so you cannot use eVisa in Angola permanently.

  • Visa required

Italy, North Korea, Lebanon, Pakistan, South Africa, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, and some other third world countries still require you to show visa if you want to come there. This policy does not mean that the relationship with Indonesia is not good. The Indonesian government suggested three countries (Libya, Yemen, and Iraq) for safety reasons.

Asking for Visa also does not necessarily make the country strict and stiff than the others. Sometimes, all they want to do is to ensure safety and comfort for its guest during their visitation in the countries, such as in New Zealand that frees you to transit without a visa, or in China that serves visa on arrival Indonesia 2018 at some entry points.

Visa on Arrival for Indonesian Passport

Visa on arrival is a kind of a mechanism where you will receive free visa for Indonesian passport 2019 when you have arrived at the destination country. Oftentimes, you have to come through certain airports or entry points of the country in order to get free visa for Indonesian passport 2019 on arrival, for example Qatar. For Papua New Guinea, in addition to getting a visa on arrival for Indonesian passport, you can also extend the visa up to 60 days, of course with additional costs. Other countries that provide visa on arrival are Madagascar, Maldives, Papua New Guinea, and Qatar.

Free Visa Credit Cards
Free Visa Credit Cards

You need to know the countries that mentioned above ensure free visa on arrival. Meanwhile for paid visa on arrival, the countries are Jordan, Nepal, Somalia, Timor-Leste, Iran, and several other countries. They require you to pay several administration fees to ensue visa on arrival. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t get to use your own prepared visa, so you stuck with all the additional payment.

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That is the list of countries with their respective for visa policies. There is still the possibility of changing the list, adjusting to international conditions and the emergence of various global issues. Anyhow, as a law-abiding citizen, and also as a representation of Indonesian country itself, it is better  to prepare your own Visa from a long time before the scheduled departure. Do not let trivial issues make you into problem to your destination country and disgrace Indonesia.

In addition, the presence of free visa Indonesia 2019 can be fresh refreshment, especially for the majority of students and workers, regarding the start of ASEAN Economic Community. Work field and career competition will be directly linked to the global scope, not national range anymore. By keep sending Indonesian workers abroad, the country can have the potential to improve the quality of its human resources. Of course, Indonesian government will continue to improve the relations, so more countries will provide a free visa for Indonesian passport 2018.

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