15 Free Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment 2019

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15 Free Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment 2018 – Looking for 15 free ways to make money online in 2019? Curious and want to know how to make money online without having to pay a single penny? If so, you have to read this article because it has the answer that you need. The kind of jobs that can suit with many, no matter where they are, are highly looked for. In this post, I will tell you 15 free ways to make money online in 2018, without putting in any kind of investment. Below are some authentic free ways to make money online, some do not need any special skill and some need adequate technical skill.

15 Ways to Make Money Online Free Without Investment 2019

  • Make Money Online by Blogging

Make Money Online Without Investment 2018
Make Money Online Without Investment 2019

Blogging is one of the easiest activities to express and share your ideas with the world. But do you know that you can make money by blogging? If you do this right, you will be able to make enough money. Here are the way to earn money through your blog.

  1. Monetize money with CPC (Cost per Click) or CPI (Cost per Impression) Ads.
  2. You can include affiliate marketing links in your blog. The commission will be given depending on how many people buy a product through your link.
  3. Selling private ads, which means that you can contact the advertisers yourself without needing a middle man and setting your own ad rates. The ads come in various form, like banners, buttons, or links.
  4. Selling memberships to some corners of your blog.
  • Make Money Online with Fiverr

Another way to earn money is through Feverr, a website that offer you the opportunity to earn money online. Someone with skill and creativity can earn with Feverr. You can make gigs for people, make real of your creativities, and easy money will come to you.

Make Money 2018
Make Money 2019

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more, have become a part of our daily life. It all starts off as a hobby, but nowadays, people have turn their social media into a business, this is one of the 15 free ways to make money online in 2019. Some ways to earn money through social media are:

  1. Run an online Instagram shop. You can sell any items that you think can attract the Instagram users.
  2. Applying for content writing, copywriting, comedy writing or editing through social media.
  3. Promoting posts
  4. If you take good photos, sell right to your photos.
  • Make Money Online By Offering Service Managing Social Media Accounts

For someone who love using social media, this job may be the right one for you. Some people or companies who are too busy to manage their social media will find freelancers and hire them to manage their social media account on their behalf.

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  • Make Money Online With Monetize Your YouTube Videos

To be able to monetize your YouTube videos, you have to create your own videos and copyright-free. Nowadays, you can find YouTubers who earn millions. The video contents have to be good, authentic, and have the potential to go viral you can also make money by displaying ads in your videos, affiliate marketing, or paid free.

  • Earn Money through Freelance Websites for Professionals

For some professionals, doing a freelance online is easy. All you have to do is to turn on your internet and provide the client with gigs, solo-operators, copywriting, graphic designs, and many more. You can apply on job marketplace where you can post your projects.

  • Earn Money by Getting Paid to Take Surveys

There are lots of online survey that will pay you some cash. For this kind of job, you do not need any special skill, except for basic computer and internet skill. You only need to sit in front of your computer and fill in the surveys given by the companies.

  • Make Money Online through Online Micro Jobs

Micro jobs website will pay you money for some simple task, such as Tweeting or Retweeting, Facebook sharing, commenting on blogs, reviewing online products, finding information in the internet, and many more.

  • Make Money by Designing Web Online

Make Money Online 2019

With the growing influences of online exchange, you can provide web designing and charge the pay hourly. You can promote your web designs by creating a website yourself or sell them at online marketplace.

  • Make Money Become a Online Tutoring

If you are a teacher or knowledgeable of a certain subject, you can try this online tutoring. You can register to a tutoring website, which is many, to teach online at home. If you seriously consider this job, you have to know what subject you want to teach, what age group you can teach, how many hours you can spend to teach, and many more. You may even need some software to start your virtual tutoring.

  • Sell Your Design to Earn Money

Are you an art director, illustrator, or 3D artist? Want to sell your designs online? Register to one of PoD (Print on Demand) websites to create your online shop to display your designs. You can display your product, such as T-shirt, clothes, hats, etc. in your website. When there is a buyer that purchases a design in your website, the website will print your purchased design to the buyer. You will earn loyalty of your design.

  • Earn Money by Content Writing

If you are someone with excellent writing skills, you can offer bloggers with content writing services, as their content provider or ghost writer. Some bloggers who have little time managing their blog or have too many blogs and can’t update the content on daily basis, will surely need your service. The pay can vary, starting from $5 per 1000w to $500 per 1000w for research-based articles.

  • Make Money Online through Social Media

SEO is closely related to blogging. Many bloggers will fight to get to the first page of Google search. This is where you come in by directly contacting the bloggers. SEO can help bloggers to get that place.

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  • Earn Money by Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are highly search for. They charge the virtual assistant for the duration they work. You can have multiple clients to work with.

  • Make Money Online by Testing Applications and Websites

You will only need to turn on screen recorder software provided by the website and verbally review the websites or applicants. Testing applicants and websites is the last of 15 free ways to make money online in 2018.

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