People Who Give Money Away Online
People Who Give Money Away Online

People Who Give Money Away Online (Request Money from Millionaires)

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People Who Give Money Away Online (Request Money from Millionaires) – Platform for People Who Give Money Online to Connect with Those in Need, there are many people who experience financial hardships globally. They may have troubles to live adequately. There are also people who have great ideas for business ventures but can afford to realize them because they do not have enough capital. Nowadays there are sites to accommodate people who give money away online to those in need. These online platforms act as the bridge between the have and the non-have. Would you like to learn more about that?

People Who Give Money Away Online 2018

People Who Give Money Away Online
People Who Give Money Away Online

Many rich people actually wish to donate their some of their excess fund to people who are having financial issues. However, some charity programs do not have transparent donating process. Even the ones that do have transparent procedures cannot allow direct transfer between the donors and recipients.

Thus, sites that give chance for people who give money away online begin to appear all over the World Wide Web. These sites allow people in need asking money online and donor to choose which person to give money to. There are also sites which are handled by one person donor where people can request for donation after stating their causes.

There are several reasons causing people to request people who give money away online. Some people are having trouble with fulfilling their basic needs. They desperately need money to buy food, clothes, utilities, and paying for their rent. They may also need help with paying their bills, such as phone bills or mortgage bills. These rich people also help students who are having trouble with paying their tuition and in the brink of dropping out from their study. They also help cover bills to ensure that the students will have adequate stipend for living while studying.

With the inventions of technology, there is no need to shout “give me money please” on the street these days. You can visit certain websites and get connected with people who give money away online. These websites even allow the money to be requested anonymously. Here are the usual procedures to ask for money in these websites.

Procedures o Ask for Money in Give Money Away Sites:

Procedures o Ask for Money in Giveaway Money Sites
Procedures o Ask for Money in Giveaway Money Sites
  • Register an account in the website. These websites usually do not charge registration fee.
  • Write down the story with an explanation of financial trouble. It is important to be completely honest when telling this story but write it down beautifully so it would illicit sympathy from the donor.
  • Send the story to website’s moderator.
  • There will be ads posted in the website (and usually several other websites) to promote the story.
  • Donations will start coming in once the story has been advertised. Please remember that not every story will receive the same attention as other stories. At times donor will not consider that some requesters desperately need donation money when the stories do not touch them.
  • These websites usually require requesters to have a PayPal account beforehand because money transfers happen through PayPal.

This type of money requesting online is also called panhandling. You do not need to worry because this is a legal activity. People who give money away online are not forced to donate their money. Donor can choose which cause to fund and which to ignore.

Nonetheless, this activity becomes less ethical when requesters are telling false stories to obtain some quick cash. Usually panhandling is a no-string attached activity; however there are some websites who offer funding with some returns. Be careful when choosing the websites when requesting money online. Donor also needs to be selective when picking the right platform to fund.

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Asking Rich People for Money Online

Asking Rich People for Money Online
Asking Rich People for Money Online

There is also a chance for startup business to obtain capital by ask rich people for money online. The business can get fund from few rich donors or they can get them from many people at once, which is also called crowd funding. Currently, there are a lot of websites out there giving startups platform to raise their fund by giving them opportunity to present their business ideas to people who give money away online.

People can request money from millionaires for their business, but crowd funding will also work fine. Even if crowd funding campaign only requires donor to make paltry donation, the result can be mind blowing. Here are the tips to successfully campaign business ideas on crowd funding websites.

  1. Great Background Story

Great Background Story is important to be honest when presenting business ideas to the crowd. However, it does not mean that the presentation should be boring. Try to write story that will incur glee, inspiration, and even sympathy to the audiences while trying not to make it veers from reality. Get help from friends who have a penchant for making good story if necessary.

  1. Involving Press

Research on some reporters or public figure (can be social media influencer) who might be attracted to your cause. Try to connect with them in order to get more people who give money away online to visit the campaign page Involving Press.

  1. Networking while Crowdfunding

Networking while Crowdfunding is important to keep expanding network anytime. Reach out to friends and old colleagues to present the business ideas. Some of them surprisingly will donate generously.

  1. Explain the Budgeting

Explain the Budgeting donors will be thrilled to know how their donations will be utilized. It will increase their respect on the campaign’s integrity. Make the budgeting as detail as possible and follow through when it comes to plan execution.

Another way to get money online other than requesting people who give money away online is a lucky chance. There are sites that offer people chance to win money instantly. This method of obtaining money is less reliable. However, it is not hurt to try once in a while. Just be cautious not to choose sites that may contain virus to harm your devices.

People Who Give Money Away Online (Request Money from Millionaires)
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