Request Money from Millionaires 2019 (Millionaires Giving Away Money Online)

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Request Money from Millionaires 2019 (Millionaires Giving Away Money Online) – Request money from millionaires can help you with your money problem. Maybe some of you won’t believe that such thing, as in millionaires giving away to individuals, exist. They are out there. Millionaires will give away some fund for individuals that deserve the money with reasonable causes. They won’t randomly giveaway to random people who will use the money for personal use or have no legit reasons. The individuals that can receive the donation from millionaires are those nonprofit group in genuine needs that can move them.

Request Money from Millionaires 2019

  • Who are the Millionaires

Request Money from Millionaires 2018
Request Money from Millionaires 2018

So, who are these millionaires? We do not know them. Millionaires, billionaires, philanthropies, they all go by anonymously. They are people with at least $1 million net worth. These people will donate their money on charity or company that can benefit them and many people. They do this freely and with no string attach. Are you temp to request money from millionaires? Don’t misunderstand though, they won’t give their money just for anyone who ask them. They will help you if you really are in need for money, and not for personal use.

  • How to Prepare your Request

Before emailing your request, you should think carefully about what you want to say, how to word your request, and what will they think about your letter. To email rich people for money, you have to get across your real intention, do not lie about your request, and keep them interest to read your letter till the end. Have one of your friend to review your letter and ask for feedback. Here are some tips you should do before sending your donor the request.

  1. Compile a list of donors you want to ask for help. Write down their full names, company, and contact info. There won’t be any direct contact address for the millionaires, so you will likely contact their public relation or customer services.
  2. Find way to present your email to be clear on how much money you want and for what purpose without being too direct and disrespectful. Do not state ‘I need $… immediately’ or ‘I really need money urgently’ since you won’t get the money right after the email being sent. The millionaires will also think about your condition and sincerity and it can be in months or years till you get the donation.
  3. As I have state above, you need to be honest about your letter. If you need $50 to buy things or $100 to pay for rent, just say so. Do not forget to use simple and easy to understand language so your donors will not be put off by your letter and decide not to donate.
  4. Forming the words in your letter have to creative and catching attention of the millionaires. If possible, send pictures or documents regarding your needs. Make the letter in a story-like form, stating your accomplishment or failures. Make your story touching depending on your needs.
  5. Be sincere, honest, open, professional, and polite. Do not forget to thank them in your letter.
  6. All in all, explain your situation, state why you need the money, what you will do with the money, and how the person you contacted can contact you back. Your letter can be interpreted differently, so be careful in wording and providing the information in any correspondence.

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  • Legit Sites to Ask Millionaires Giving Away Money Online 2019

Millionaires Giving Away Money Online 2018
Millionaires Giving Away Money Online 2018

You can ask rich people for money online. There are many sites that can connect you to request money from millionaires. For someone who need more money than their income, can easily go to these sites. But keep in mind that your situation is reasonable and important enough to touch the heart of the rich people who are willingly giveaway some of their hard works. is a website that organize and advertise a fundraising cause to help people in need. The causes are usually those that are close to their heart or similar to their past situation before their success. is quite a large organization that even has many great features that can benefit the millionaire giving money on website to individuals, like a mobile app to keep the donors update and can withdraw anytime they want. The regular update is also useful to avoid any fraudulent campaign. Even though it sound promising and favorable, favors those with legitimate cause, such as building a library, international support, or a cancer survivor’s campaign. You have to know that this website will deduct 4.9% and charge you 3% credit card for every transaction.

Unlike the, is totally free online site for giving and begging for money. This site is designed to fulfil your bold intention that you have in mind. You can simply type up your ‘beg’ and put it into a category that suit your intention, such as to pay rent, to pay for school, and so on. The people who see this will decide whether or not they want to donate their money for you. Even though the site is not as refined as, it is operational site and fit perfectly with our needs.

People also read : 15 Free Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment 2018 is another well-known site to ask people for money online. The site is pretty trustworthy. The people who have intention to donate some cash are fairly comfortable in doing so in this site. You can get small or big donations depending on your need, which you can fill in the category. Donating money on a familiar website is safer than a less-reputable one.

This site is pretty new since it is launched in 2017. The site requires you to pay for payment process, but other than that it promises zero fees. They even accept small donation, $1, and even allow PayPal. The Social.Fund will allow you to ask for fundraising for anything but business investment. Since the site is pretty much new, you need to create a creative campaign to appeal the donors. There will be many competitors that have the same intention as your, but otherwise, this site is appropriate to request money from millionaires.

Request Money from Millionaires 2019 (Millionaires Giving Away Money Online)
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