Rules of Survival Hack 2019 (ROS Unlimited Coins and Diamonds)

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Rules of Survival Hack 2019 (Rules of Survival Unlimited Coins and Diamonds) – Any gamers who are fans of surviving strategies must have heard of this game called Rules of Survival. Released in the late of 2017, exactly in November 14, this game has gained a serious attention by game addicts. In this game, there are a total of 120 players and you are one of them. The players are being sent to an island where the players have to battle against each other.

Rules of Survival Hack 2018
Rules of Survival Hack 2019

On the island you will find various buildings such as shops, houses, hospitals, military camps and many more. You are free to come and go to all these buildings and get all the things you need like medicine, backpacks, weapons, armor, etc. be careful of random events that will emerge suddenly. You don’t want to be so reckless as to letting yourself killed of sudden bombardment that takes place near you. The gist of this game is basically you have to survive in order to win. You will need skills as well as your luck.

So, make sure you find items that are able to help you survive. Just like all games, you will need coins for this game. And if you have found yourself visiting this page then it is clear that you are looking for rules of survival hack either for free coins or other resources. Well, that is exactly what we will give you. We will tell you ways to get unlimited coins as well as handy tips for those who have just started this game.

About Rules of Survival Game

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There are basically three items you need collect in this game namely Head Gear, Backpacks and Body Armor. As you successfully move onto the next levels, each equipment increases its protection quality and storage capacity for backpack. Your body Armor functions to reduce the damage on your body but it will also serve as storage.

  • Head Gear

There are three levels that you need to reach in the game. Head Gear will protect your head from possible injuries. There has been an update that is called Christmas update which replaced the normal level 3 helmet with a Christmas hat. This can be risky for you because the red color of the hat can give away your position in a heartbeat. Level one helmet can reduce 30% damage in your head while level 2 helmet is able to reduce 40% injury. Level 3 helmet reduces your head injury by 55%.

  • Body Armor

Just like Head Gear, Body Armor also only has three levels. Your Body Armor will protect your body from any damage. Level 1 armor will be able to only 30% damage on your body. Level two increases to 40% and level three can reduce 55% damage on your body.

  • Backpacks

Backpacks function to store your belongings. As you move to higher levels, your backpack capacity will also increase. Level one backpack can hold 150 items. Level two backpack increases your storage capacity to 200 items while level three will be able to hold 250 items.

Rules of Survival Hack 2019

At first, you won’t have any equipment with you but as the game progresses you will explore the island and simultaneously survive from being killed by other players and sudden bomb attacks. That’s when you will find yourself resources and coins to help you get important equipment for your protection. It is no secret that everyone wants easy access and want to earn free diamonds and coins. There is no shame in admitting it either. Follow these steps then for Rules of Survival Hack unlimited coins.

  1. Go to homepage and you will see access online generator button. Click on it.
  2. Type in the required information of your account
  3. Then type in how many coins you want
  4. Tap on generate button and wait for the progress to complete the task
  5. In case there is a Captcha Challenge just complete it and log in again to your game
  6. Voila! Just like that you have successfully transmit the required coins to your account

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Rules of Survival Unlimited Health 2019

We have also included one more rules of Rules of Survival Hack 2019 in case you need more coins so that you can get from two different online generators at the same time. Here are a few easy steps you need to do:

  1. Type in your username that you use for your game
  2. Choose what device you are using whether it is an Android device or an iOS device
  3. Enter how many coins that you need
  4. The tool will generate your coins for 20 seconds only
  5. This tool has installed a quick verification step because there are a lot of bots who misuse this tool
  6. Then after it finishes you need to restart your game

This rules of survival hack no survey is pretty easy to follow and it won’t take a lot of your time so we see no reason as to why you shouldn’t try it. We can make sure that this tool is safe and many users have already tested it online and it always worked 100%.

Rules of Survival Guide for Beginners

Newbies have the problem of understanding what they need to do and avoid. Here are some helpful rules that you need to do so that you can survive through the first few minutes of being on the island.

  1. Use the map

As you are a stranger on the island, the presence of a map is really vital and rules of survival hack won’t be of any help if you don’t know how to use the map. You need to use it at all time and get familiar with your surrounding. The map possess all the important information that you need in order to win the game. That’s why, you should know how to use it. Make use of the tutorial that pops up before the actual game starts. The tutorial will helps you how to use the map for your benefits.

  1. Steady internet connection

Basically, having a fast internet connection is a must when playing any kind of online game and Rules of Survival is no exception. All the graphics appeared on your screen need to be rendered as soon as possible. Note that, it is better if you use WiFi connection instead of depending on your mobile data because online games can make you run out of data in a heartbeat.

  1. Move around quick

Being cautious and fast are two of the most important thing in any survival games. You need to move fast when trying to find valuable items on the island or else the other players will get them first and you will be left with nothing. So, basically you need to be faster than all other players and also make correct decisions at the same time.

  1. Use vehicles

Finding a car or other kind of transportations is a great thing that can happen to you in this game. This means, you will be able to move fast as well as be safe from enemy attacks.

  1. Make use of available utilities

Not just maps, you will also need important items to help you survive such as headphones and weapons. Use them properly when you find them. If you don’t know the importance of headphones in this game then you better learn in the beginning before the game starts.

Rules of Survival Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Staying alive is obviously the number one goal in this game. If you can stay alive until the end of the game that means you win. This polished mobile game that is available for both iOS and Android doesn’t exactly let you to win in just 15 minutes. It requires constant strategy and concentration and takes quite a lot of time to finish. So, besides rules of survival hack here is what you also need to do to keep you stay alive in the game all the time:

  • Keep charge everywhere. It is no secrets that mobile games drain a lot of your battery so you need to have your charger with you all the time. You don’t want to find yourself screaming in frustration because your phone decides to die in the middle of the battle of your life.
  • Maybe some of you play this game when you are on your way to work or school. Well, just remember that you need full concentration playing this game so playing this game in a room full of people is not really a good idea. Remember that you are not using a keyboard or a mouse playing this game rather you are using a virtual control.

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  • Make use of the control scheme. Rules of Survival is so rich with control customizations. Check the advanced menu and click on “double tap to turn around”.
  • Learn every control before you start playing. You should realize that virtual control is different than the physical one. With virtual controls, your thumbs are the key here.

Pay attention to all the basic rules of this game and you are ready to beat your enemies and be savage winner of this game with the help of rules of survival hack.

Rules of Survival Hack 2019 (ROS Unlimited Coins and Diamonds)
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